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Are you taking advantage of the range of employment relationships?

Getting the right employment relationships within your workforce is not only of strategic importance as businesses respond to the pace of change in management systems and working practices, but it is also important to understand the different rights and obligations that apply to each of these relationships.

This publication presents information about the nature of employment arrangements in the Australian workforce. Whether it's full-time, casual, part-time, fixed-term and labour hire or assessing if your employees are actually employees or contractors; - managing your staffing needs can prove to be quite a tricky task.

With this publication you can discover how to effectively meet the demands of fluctuating work environments, help make strategic decisions regarding the nature of your workforce, and meet the Fair Work Act requirements for different categories of employment.

Some of the features of this publication include:

  • An overview of the Fair Work Act as it relates to the different categories of employment
  • Discussion of the key elements of the various employment categories
  • Practical suggestions and warnings for employers
  • Information to assist companies to avoid claims for underpayment and unfair dismissal
  • Information enabling companies to make an informed choice about what employment options are best in their circumstances.

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