Ai Group Annotated Modern Awards

Ai Group’s Annotated Modern Awards provide comprehensive explanations and interpretations relating to many award clauses. The additional explanations, interpretations and guidance notes they offer – above and beyond the complex and often confusing official publications of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) – are designed to help you and your business correctly interpret and apply the award in your workplace, ensuring your obligations are met.

Our digital Annotated Awards are conveniently available to access and download at any time via My Awards in the My Membership section of this website. 

The purchase of a digital Annotated Award includes a free subscription to all updates for the financial year in which it was bought. 

We do not publish a hardcopy of this Annotated Award.

Annual subscriptions

Our convenient annual subscriptions will ensure that your Annotated Award is kept up to date.

Our digital Annotated Awards are updated whenever the FWC releases a determination. During your subscription period, we will alert you of these updates via email and provide a link to your Annotated Award at My Awards in the My Membership section of this website.

Continuing your subscriptions

In May 2025 we will send you an invoice inviting you to continue your digital Annotated Award subscriptions into the 2025/26 financial year.

As an indication, the annual subscription prices for 2024/25 are shown below. Prices are subject to change from 1 July each year. 

Ai Group Member        $105 Non-Member  $160
Digital Handbook

Members: $145.00

Non-Members: $220.00

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