Many Ai Group members have adjusted their operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These stories are examples of what can be achieved in adversity and we showcase them here as a source of inspiration to all members and to share some tips for those looking to respond to these challenging times.


Case Study: Services Industry Employer - Managing Covid

There was an immediate need to pivot to an online mode of service delivery. This meant refining its IT systems to ensure it would service staff primarily working from home across the country. All staff had to have appropriate equipment to be able to continue working at home. This meant the small IT team, was delivering an extraordinary service to ensure that everyone was set up properly within a short time. It also meant that they were working very hard to provide timely assistance online or sometimes by phone. Programs for upgrades and development had to be escalated.

Case Study: Implementing Covid Vaccination Policy for a National Manufacturing Business

During the Pandemic, business continuity was vital, not just for the business needs, but to ensure the communities they operated in maintained viability and their workforce was able to work and earn.

Case Study: Small Business Managing with COVID-19 in Regional Australia

Prior to the pandemic, this thriving business was winning work and not anticipating a pandemic hitting the country.

Case Study: Covid Impacts for a Manufacturer in Food Industry Supply Chain

From the outset of the pandemic, the business committed to minimising the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to keep its employees safe and well at work.

Case Study: Construction Sector – How to Manage a Suspected Covid Case on Site

In unprecedented times of a Pandemic, many companies had to pivot quicky to ensure that they could operate within the changing circumstances. The company had to undertake substantial planning which was needed not just at the business level but also at an industry level

Case Study: Covid Impacts for a Manufacturing Business

The pandemic caused an immediate impact on the business, as it had to remain operational, but reduce the level of its operations.

Case Study: Small Business

When the Pandemic hit Australia in March 2020, the business had not been prepared for lockdowns and covid safe working practices.

Case Study: National Freight and Logistics provider

There were many logistical challenges posed by the pandemic that ensured it was not going to be business as usual.

Case Study: Life Without Barriers

COVID 19 provided a burning platform to adapt, change and prioritise in a way not seen for over 100 years.

Case Study: Uber - Ride Share and Food Delivery

Uber faced the impact of the pandemic on their partners: the drivers, restaurants and delivery people who earn with the Uber platform. Uber stepped up to assist.


Ai Group has provided assistance, information and advice to thousands of member businesses who have experienced the consequences of activity restrictions and the drop in business and consumer incomes and expenditure due to the global pandemic.

As part of this process we have collected detailed feedback from Australian businesses about their experiences. These reports summarise this feedback gathered across March, April and May 2020. They illustrate the range of concerns, issues and factors that our members have reported regarding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business.


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