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Brand has never been more important in business, but what is brand? Is it simply just a logo, is it a series of visual elements that make you recognisable, or is it much deeper than that?

Throughout this session we answered those questions and provide an overview of ‘brand management’, giving you the tools you need to independently review your own brand and take more control of what you’re communicating to the world.


  • An overview of what makes a brand
  • Some tips and tools to review your own brand
  • Some systems that can help manage and grow you brand.


  • What is it? – connecting customers to your brand,
  • Knowing your customer
  • Developing your channels to market
  • What is a marketing strategy?

The program is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements for the Victorian Floods which commenced in October 2022 (AGRN 1037) (the “Victorian Floods”).

Business Recovery Advisory Service - Victoria

The Business Recovery Advisory Service provides expert guidance and tailored support to small businesses located in an eligible local government area affected by the 2022 Victorian floods.

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