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In part 2 of the Enterprise Agreement topic in our HR Fundamentals webinar series, we covered the important aspects of lodgement, compliance and support.

In part 1 (available to Ai Group members on the Ai Group website), we discussed negotiations, bargaining in good faith and protected industrial action.

In this webinar, we have focused on the enterprise agreement application process from lodgement through to the Fair Work Commission's assessment and decision on whether to approve the agreement. We also considered the recent legislative changes to the enterprise agreement process.

This webinar provided key recommendations and practical guidance on:

  • what constitutes a successful vote;
  • how and when to lodge an enterprise agreement application;
  • how the Fair Work Commission assesses enterprise agreement applications, including consideration of procedural requirements and the better off overall test (BOOT);
  • responding to requests for submissions and/or undertakings; and
  • the Fair Work Commission’s power to make changes to enterprise agreements.

Case studies highlighted where employers have got it right and not-so-right and what the implications can be.

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