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After three years of pandemic-induced disruptions and volatility, Australian industry enjoyed much more stable conditions in 2023, but industry leaders have real worries about uncertainty and stagnation in 2024.

More than 300 senior leaders from across Australia responded to our eleventh annual Industry Outlook for 2024 Survey, a must-read resource to understand how industry plans to navigate the opportunities and challenges facing the Australian economy.

There is significantly more caution and concern within industry this year, as uncertainty, ongoing cost pressures, labour shortages and weakening demand present key challenges.

Ai Group analysts joined by special guest speaker Amber Rabinov, Head of Macro Research & Strategy at AustralianSuper, who will look beyond our research to longer-term trends such as geopolitics, demographics and the energy transition and their implications for the global macroeconomy.


Innes Willox, Chief Executive, Ai Group

Amber Rabinov, Head of Macro Research & Strategy, AustralianSuper

Dr Jeffrey Wilson, Director of Research and Economics, Ai Group

Colleen Dowling, Senior Research Analyst, Ai Group


Jodie van Deventer, Chief Operating Officer, Ai Group



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