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This webinar provided members with a look behind the curtain of the National Construction Code and what industry (in particular supply chain businesses) may expect from changes to the Code in a zero carbon future.

Lindsay Le Compte, Ai Group General Manager (Construction and Infrastructure) provided information on:

  • Upcoming regulatory changes and what they mean for material and product manufacturers and suppliers.
  • The ETIM product classification model and how digitisation is changing the construction industry.

Gary Rake, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Building Codes Board drew the curtain open to provide Ai Group members with a view into the future of what our National Construction Code will look like as we transition to a net zero building and construction industry.

This is an essential webinar for any business grappling with how it will survive and prosper in a zero carbon future.


Lindsay Le Compte, General Manager (Construction and Infrastructure), Ai Group

Gary Rake, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Building Codes Board

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