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Employment contracts can be verbal and/or written and represent the agreement between an employee and employer as to the nature and conditions of the employment arrangement.

As a contract, they give rise to enforceable rights and obligations during and sometimes following the engagement. They may be subject to variation over time, as conditions change. They will also intersect with workplace laws, industrial instruments such as Awards, and employer policies.

This webinar provided key recommendations and practical guidance on:

  • contract principles;
  • the relevance of and interaction between legislation, industrial instruments and company policies;
  • common terms that should (and should not) be in employment contracts;
  • common mistakes to avoid; and
  • the recent changes to the Fair Work Act with respect to pay secrecy clauses and fixed-term contracts.


Katie Hossain, Lawyer, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Workplace Relations Adviser, Ai Group

Daniel Murray, Legal Practitioner Director, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Principal Adviser, Workplace Relations, Ai Group


Terry Crotty, Regional Manager NSW, Ai Group

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