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Workplace investigations are typically initiated in response to reports or complaints of inappropriate employee behaviour. They involve gathering information in a structured way to determine whether the report or complaint is substantiated, before deciding whether further action is warranted.

Initiating a workplace investigation, how it is conducted, and how information is gathered and relied upon to make findings, can have significant implications on the employer and the employee/s involved.

This webinar provided key recommendations and practical guidance on:

  • when investigations are appropriate;
  • suitable planning and communication with participants;
  • how investigations ought to be conducted (and the relevance of underpinning industrial instruments, employment contracts, company policies and practices);
  • how the allegations should be formulated;
  • gathering evidence and relevant considerations when making findings; and
  • interim measures whilst the investigation is being conducted.


Katie Hossain, Lawyer, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Workplace Relations Adviser, Ai Group

Daniel Murray, Legal Practitioner Director, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Principal Adviser, workplace Relations, Ai Group


Terry Crotty, Regional Manager NSW, Ai Group

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