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The latest Ai Group Centre for Education and Training research report, Connecting the dots: Exploring young Australians' pathways from education and training into work, takes a deeper look at the pathways followed by young Australians from school to post-school learning and into the world of work.

We often hear 'young people today don't work as hard as we did', are not as 'job-ready' as we were, or 'take ages to decide on a career and get a 'proper' job'. At the same time, a lot has changed in recent years. Education and training are being revolutionised by technology and the ability to learn remotely. Work has changed, immensely, with what constitutes a 'workplace' changing dramatically in a short space of time.

In this context the next CET webinar will explore the findings of our research and what they mean for young people as they make their way from school, through tertiary education and training and into the world of work.

Which learning pathways are being chosen by young people and where do they lead? Which paths are resulting in greater job satisfaction? And what role is work-integrated learning playing in young people's pathways and choices?


Saxon Phipps, Co-founder and CEO, Year 13

Kira Clarke, Principal Research Fellow, Brotherhood of St Laurence

Steve McDougall, Manufacturing Manager at Gordon Brothers Industries


Megan Lilly, Executive Director, Centre for Education & Training, Ai Group

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