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With youth unemployment falling to levels not seen in a decade or more, increasing numbers of young people are now entering the workforce and taking advantage of the opportunities available to them. This is despite the fact that they were the hardest hit when COVID-19 lockdowns came into force in 2020. Government incentives have also lifted the number of apprentices and trainees to their highest levels in a decade as demand for young local talent increases.

How can we prepare young people for work? What is being done to ensure young people have the right skills to enter the workforce? And how can industry improve partnerships with schools and education providers to ensure the right skills are being developed?

In this webinar, the head of Ai Group’s Centre for Education and Training, Megan Lilly, was joined by three special guests to discuss successful examples of transitioning young people from study to work, and also how education & training and work can function in tandem during and after schooling.

Our guests were:

Saxon Phipps, Co-Founder/ Co-CEO, Year 13

Trent McCarthy, CEO, Central Ranges LLEN & Chair, VicLLENs

Nicole Sinclair, CEO, Parish Engineering

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