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Workplace misconduct and inappropriate behaviour may take many forms, with varying degrees of seriousness. Not only can it adversely affect workplace culture and productivity, if unchecked and mismanaged it can also expose the business to legal risk.

With employees now transitioning back to workplace offices and sites, resulting in increased interactions between staff and clients/customers - and with the onset of end-of-year celebrations - it is now more important than ever for businesses to ensure:

  • employees understand the business's position on unacceptable behaviour, including relevant 'out-of-hours conduct';
  • misconduct concerns are identified and addressed promptly; and that
  • measures taken to address conduct issues are both reasonable and consistent with requirements outlined in an industrial instrument/ employment contract/ policy or procedure.

It is also crucial that supervisors, managers and others understand and give effect to the employer's position and are equipped with the necessary tools to confidently address any concerns.

This webinar provided key recommendations and practical guidance on what misconduct is (including when out-of-hours conduct falls within an employer's ambit) and how to address it as and when it arises. The risks were also discussed.


Katie Hossain, Lawyer, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Workplace Relations Adviser, Ai Group

Daniel Murray, Legal Practitioner Director, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Principal Adviser, workplace Relations, Ai Group


Terry Crotty, Regional Manager NSW, Ai Group

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