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Australian university links with industry are relatively under-developed by international standards. However, recent Ai Group research, along with new collaborations initiated by both companies and universities, suggest enthusiasm and pockets of upscaled cooperation between the sectors.

There is recognition by both sectors that it is of mutual benefit to collaborate on new models, learning content, delivery, placements, research and incubation, and even to co-locate. A driving force is the rapidly changing nature of work: partnerships are key in linking learning with current industry strategies, practice and skill needs. Critical skill shortages can be alleviated by hastened, relevant skill development.

New templates for closer partnerships will enable our nation’s innovation, growth and competitiveness, enhancing the whole economy and society.

Megan Lilly, Executive Director, Centre for Education and Training, was joined by Nicolette Barnard, Head of HR, Siemens Australia; Ian Martin, Vice Chancellor, Deakin University; and John Dewar, Vice Chancellor, La Trobe University, to explore the following questions:

  • How does Australia develop a widespread culture of industry-university partnerships?
  • What are the most important areas for collaboration?
  • What are the barriers to successful collaboration?
  • How can a culture of closer partnerships be best supported?
  • What are some of the vanguard initiatives leading the way?


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