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Our overseas trading partners are well on the way to planning for a prosperous business life in the Net Zero world. Although the Net Zero carbon requirements will not be fully implemented until around 2045, most businesses in our key trading countries have already started decarbonising, where possible and feasible.

Australian companies wanting to continue to be part of a global trading supply chain also need to start decarbonising – as soon as possible.

In this webinar, Rob Kelly, Industry Lead for highly respected advisory centre ClimateWorks Australia, will explain how decarbonisation can be, and is being achieved in Australia.

He will share findings from the first phase of the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative, and provide insights into the thinking underpinning the decarbonisation of business, and examples of recent successes both here and abroad.

We’ll also hear from Dr Kate Brooks from the Australian Government Entrepreneurs’ Programme on the immediate steps Australian SMEs can take to decarbonise. She will update us on the success of Western Australian businesses in starting the decarb journey.

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