This submission identifies a range of initiatives the forthcoming budget should take to support Australia’s industrial transformation. Ai Group’s proposals cover a very wide spread of policy areas, including industry, workplace, energy, skills and training, regulation, technology, trade and taxation. However, they are united in a focus on aiding Australian transformation to a decarbonised, diversified
and digitalised economy.

Summary of recommendations


  • Support to level the playing field for energy transition investments in priority industries.
  • Accelerate implementation of innovation support for decarbonisation in industry
  • Federal package to reform regulatory barriers to energy transition investments.
  • Provide resources to assist business to meet obligations created by new regulatory reforms.
  • Resourcing new regulatory regimes that support circular economy practices in industry.
  • Support development of a clean economy workforce.


  • Funding support for high-growth potential businesses in industry
  • Cyber, innovation and supply chain upgrades for Australia’s defence industry
  • Build a migration pipeline for diversification-relevant skills
  • Ensure the investment competitiveness of our critical minerals industries
  • Diversify Australia’s trade promotion efforts for investment in value chains


  • Drive greater uptake of Industry 4.0 practices
  • Promote the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence in Australian industry
  • Upgrade the cyber-security capabilities of business
  • Ensure digital skills are core to Australia’s skills and training system
  • Digitalise Australia’s supply chains through data and free trade agreements
  • Promote data stewardship for successful digitalisation

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