Ai Group appreciated the opportunity to provide input into the Employment White Paper. We see the White Paper as an important opportunity to build on the considerable successes evident in Australia’s path of economic and social development while also making changes to ensure we do much better in several critical areas.

Our Submission looks, firstly, at Australia’s recent labour market performance. This is set out in Chapter 1 in which we look at key areas of success to build on while also identifying areas where there have been shortcomings in our performance. In Chapter 2 we identify the economic changes necessary to achieve net zero emissions as a dominant disruptive force over the decades ahead. 

In examining the role of skills, education and training, Chapter 3 sets out what we see as the major area of policy action if the ambitions behind the Employment White Paper are to be met. Chapter 4 examines current developments and opportunities in Australia’s workplace relations arrangements and lastly, in Chapter 5, we set out our views of Australia’s migration program both in relation to its permanent and temporary elements. 

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