Available via the download button (see right) is the Ai Group Opening Statement to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Fair Work Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023, delivered by Innes Willox, Chief Executive, Ai Group in the Chancellor Two Room, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Melbourne, on 10 October 2023.

Ai Group welcomes the opportunity to discuss our submission with this Committee.

Our views are informed by our members, large and small, and the depth of knowledge we bring from 150 years representing Australian industry.

Ai Group fundamentally opposes this misconceived and fatally flawed Bill. 

The Bill does not ‘close loopholes’.

Such Orwellian doublespeak suggests modest changes to address technicalities or fix ambiguities and uncertainties.

That is far from what the Bill proposes.

The Bill would implement a radical reworking of core elements of Australia’s workplace relations system.

It would override carefully considered approaches settled by the Fair Work Commission and High Court relating to fundamental concepts underpinning our system.

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