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What exactly is the circular economy, and where is it at in Australia today? Is circular economy the answer to our current supply chain issues in Australia? And what’s the future of circular economy as we transition to a Net Zero carbon emissions future?

James and Rachael take a deep dive into these and other questions and come up with surprising and refreshing insights.

Rachael challenges some of the current business thinking on circular economy, contends there is an urgency for action, and challenges James to join the journey, not just comment from the sidelines. It’s a lively and interesting conversation:

From her ‘day job’ as the Advisor – Industry Development and Policy for Ai Group Rachael has a unique viewpoint of the emerging circular economy in Australia. Amongst a host of responsibilities, she coordinates Ai Group’s involvement in the well-respected ‘Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence’.

Another insightful episode that adds to the library of supply chain work developed by the Australian Industry Group for business owners and supply chain professionals in Australia today. Links are below. For more information on anything discussed in this episode, or for assistance with your business, please email industry.policy@aigroup.com.au

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James Scotland

After a long career in multiple aspects of supply chain management, corporate training and business advisory, James brings a business improvement mindset to his role as General Manager of Minerals, Energy & Supply Chain Resilience for Ai Group.

A skilled communicator and analyst, James has been involved with Oil & Gas, the mining industry and supply chain across the board for over 25 years.