This Member Advice provides important information about:

• WHS (psychosocial risks) regulations in the ACT and South Australia.
• Legislation guidance:
o Elevating work platforms.
o Workers’ compensation – contractor or worker?
o New Respect@Work Guidelines.
• New Bills in Parliament
o Tasmania:
• Amendment to the WHS Act, including introducing gross negligence as an offence and prohibiting insurance to cover WHS penalties.
o Commonwealth:
• Industrial Manslaughter offence introduced for employers covered by the Commonwealth WHS Act.
• Presumptive legislation for post-traumatic disorders of Commonwealth first responders.
• Expansion of the role of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, to address silica related diseases.
• Public consultation and reviews:
o Safe Work Australia – Requirements for competent persons in relation to asbestos-related tasks. Public comment closes 1 October 2023.
o Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency – Phase Three of the Asbestos National Strategic Plan. Public comment closes 13 October 2023.
o Western Australia – Electricity Code of Practice. Public comment closes 3 November 2023.
o Safe Work Australia has released a new interactive data website.

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