Ai Group Today celebrated the contributions of our members who sit on Standards Committees with our annual World Standards Day Award ceremony.

"Ai Group is proud to be the leading contributor to the development of Australian Standards. We have almost 300 representatives sitting on Standards Australia’s technical committees covering diverse topics from child restraints to artificial intelligence," Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the national employer association Ai Group said today.

"Standards operate behind the scenes and underpin the nation’s economic progress. Standards, to the untrained eye, might appear mundane, yet they are the silent architects of progress.

"In essence, standards are the set of guidelines and specifications that ensure that products, processes, and services meet specific quality, safety, and performance criteria. They form the invisible scaffolding upon which innovation, trade, and industry build their structures.

"Ai Group estimates that the time our members contribute to standards development is equivalent to over one million dollars annually which is magnified many times over with the impact on the Australian economy of the standards they develop,” Mr Willox said.

From 10 peer nominations, the following awards were announced:

Ai Group Standards Development Award
WINNER – Chris Burgess – Dux

Ai Group Standards Next Generation Award
WINNER – Daniel Nathanson – NHP

"Ai Group congratulates all who were nominated as well as the winners and thanks their respective employers for displaying such positive corporate citizenship and supporting their ability to make such substantial contributions," Mr Willox said.