The Australian Industry Group has called on the Victorian Government to further reconsider its vaccination rules, following changes made to worker vaccination requirements this week.

The Victorian Head of Ai Group, Tim Piper, said the new vaccination requirements are a welcome bonus for businesses, but noted they had created unnecessary anomalies which now need to be rectified.

"You can go to a restaurant, a cafe, or a night club without being vaccinated, but you cannot work in those places without being double vaccinated.

"We’ve had many businesses contacting us explaining that they want workers to return to work, but can't enforce the return if workers have not been vaccinated. It's an unnecessary problem that’s been created, that could easily be resolved," Mr Piper said.

Mr Piper called on the State Government to continue to work in lock step with New South Wales, which has agreed to remove the worker vaccination requirements.

"We should not be considering waiting until July to remove most vaccination requirements. The Government announcement earlier this week has set the ball rolling and we should enable all people to be returning to the workplace without vaccinations, except in medical and aged care premises," Mr Piper said. 

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