“Today’s announcement by the WA Premier of a removal of the hard border arrangements from the 3rd of March is welcomed by the business community of WA and indeed the entire country,” Kristian Stratton, the WA Head of the peak employer association Ai Group said today.


“A firm commitment to the 3rd of March will give business the certainty it needs to plan for the future and give a much needed confidence boost to many business sectors in the state.


“The removal of the hard border is a great starting point for WA to catch up to the rest of the country on the path to living with COVID.


“The quicker ongoing restrictions are wound back and removed the better it will be for business conditions in the state and for the community.


“It is important that the government holds its nerve and stays firm in its commitment to reconnect to the rest of Australia and the world.  Businesses and the community need to know that the government won’t backtrack on its commitments.


“Ideally, WA should move to quickly mirror the approach to COVID restrictions in the Eastern states to make the country whole again,” Mr Stratton said.


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