The Australian Industry Group has welcomed today’s decision to remove most of the current COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria.

The Victorian Head of the Australian Industry Group, Tim Piper, said the restrictions have been causing enormous difficulties for industry and the changes should help to alleviate continued staff shortages.

"Businesses have been finding the isolation requirements particularly onerous. With workers being required to stay home if they are close contacts, it has placed staffing stresses on many businesses," Mr Piper said.

Mr Piper welcomed the pragmatic reaction to the COVID-19 arrangements and suggested it would help to improve worker numbers in most industries. He said the public would most notice the difference when attending shops and restaurants and cafes where workers would no longer need to be wearing masks.

"Wearing masks all day at work has been a constant frustration for workers especially in shops and cafes. They will welcome the change and it will make life easier at work.

"It’s the next step in us moving closer to a more 'COVID normal' situation. Employers and employees need to remain vigilant and people with COVID-19 symptoms should not be attending work. But as a close contact everybody can safeguard themselves and other workers by ensuring they use RATs to help keep everybody safe," Mr Piper said.

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