Victorian businesses are looking forward to certainty and support to be provided in the Victorian Government’s announcement of a COVID-19 roadmap tomorrow.

"The roadmap is a vital announcement that we are all – including industry – hanging out for,” according to the Victorian Head of the Australian Industry Group, Tim Piper.

Mr Piper said the Government had turned tomorrow’s announcement into a media event, by signalling its importance and holding off on almost all restriction changes until this major announcement is made.

"The Victorian community and businesses have simply run out of puff and are running on empty. Students, especially VCE students, businesses without any customers, businesses trying to deal with COVID are all being left in a state of uncertainty and it is disproportionately difficult for them.

"What will the freedoms be when we reach 70% and 80% double vaccinated and how will Victorians who have taken the jab benefit from having done so? How will government support businesses who want all of their staff to be vaccinated? Businesses need some positive encouragement," Mr Piper said.

"We are even receiving pleas from GPs in the community recognising that the current health actions are one-dimensional and don’t take enough account of the impact across the broad society.

"Businesses require certainty from the plan and knowledge that government will adopt a nuanced and pragmatic approach to a virus that we simply need to learn to live with – no matter how hard that will be," Mr Piper said.

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