"The TWU's coordinated campaign of pattern bargaining claims and strikes across major road transport businesses is threatening the welfare of the community at this critical time and deserves the strongest condemnation. The TWU claims that its actions are responsible and aimed at improving job security but nothing could be further from the truth. Bizarrely, The TWU appear to be proud to be this year’s Christmas grinches," Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the national employer association Ai Group said today.

"The union's campaign is threatening the work prospects of employees in numerous industries – not just transportation. Our supply chains are already stretched beyond workability in many sectors including manufacturing and construction, leading to a complete disruption in industry inventories and buying patterns. Workers in other sectors will not look kindly at TWU action that endangers their job security.

"This industrial action comes as thousands of businesses are relying on the delivery of products, produce, components and materials to enable them to begin trading and recover as they emerge from the lockdowns in New South Wales and Victoria. If these vital supplies do not arrive on time, many permanent workers will remain stood down and many casuals will not be offered shifts.

"The TWU needs to abandon its short-sighted campaign and work with the rest of the community to get behind the recovery from the pandemic. Pattern bargaining is an industrial relic that has no place in our economy. Strike action now endangers the jobs of thousands of others at a time our economic recovery and wellbeing remains fragile. The only true job security for employees comes from ensuring that businesses remain successful and competitive," Mr Willox said.

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