“Ai Group is calling on the Queensland Government to stop changing its mind and to provide certainty to both businesses and the community about timeframe and targets for the re‑opening of borders.  The inconsistent and confusing messaging about when Queensland will open its borders is not helpful to businesses already suffering with skill shortages, loss of trade and lack of confidence.  It also adds further stress to the ongoing challenges felt by our border communities,” Rebecca Andrews, Queensland Head of the peak employer organisation Ai Group said today.


“The Queensland Government needs to work with industry to find ways to facilitate business travel and the critical movement of vaccinated staff in and out of the state.  It also needs to commit to the National Plan and the previously agreed 80% vaccination target.


“Ai Group has proposed that any “Health Pass” that would provide freedoms to the fully vaccinated, including across borders, must be nationally consistent.  The Pass should also be available to ease restrictions for not only the fully vaccinated, but also those ‘recovered’ or ‘tested’ negative.  This would enable industry to operate more freely now.


“The current loose timeframes and uncertainty of the state government to commit to the removal of border barriers at the 80 percent vaccinated mark pose a major risk to existing business.


“Industry is well adapted to managing health and safety requirements and is well positioned to work with government to find a safe methodology that would start to allow the movement of people for work.


“While the health and wellbeing of the QLD community should and always will be the focus of the state government, the ongoing success and growth of the state’s economy should be a priority for the government.  It should also take into account the mental health damage caused by the extended and uncertain border restrictions on those in border communities.


“The ongoing closed borders and belief that doing business with or in QLD is too hard in the current uncertain times will have a major impact in the longer term on sustainable growth and diversity of the economy,” Ms Andrews said.


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