“Victoria has finally reached the stage where we can feel largely unrestricted and return to most of the freedoms that we have been missing,” Tim Piper, the Victorian Head of the peak employer association Ai Group said today.


“These changes will make a significant difference to Victorian businesses, the community and to people‘s general well-being.


“Victoria has achieved an enormously positive result in reaching such a fully vaccinated rate and we congratulate the Government on bringing forward the date to return to a semblance of normality.


“This will provide a great boost of confidence in the lead into Christmas and should give all industries a better chance to prosper.  The most affected sectors such as tourist industries, events, live music, restaurants and cafes, and retailers will see hugely improved business conditions.  And that will mean growth across the board for all businesses.


“We also welcome the pragmatic changes made regarding testing and isolation arrangements for workers who have come into contact with a COVID-19 case. The ability to have a test, ensure it is negative and return to work will improve efficiencies and make operating their businesses much simpler.


“We now need to have all states in Australia adopt similar policies to enable free movement of people across state borders, which would reinvigorate our entire economy and bring us back together,” Mr Piper said.


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