"While there are sensible restrictions around this year's stay-at-home Easter, and despite unconfirmed reports of Easter egg hoarding, the industry expects there to be no constraints on the supply of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. The unique circumstances of Easter 2020 should be seen as an opportunity for families to look for more creative ways to keep Easter traditions alive," Tim Piper, Head of the national employer association Ai Group’s Confectionery Sector said today.

"We all need to be practicing social distancing and Easter is no exception. So, sadly, there will be no parties or big family events and your children will, more than ever, be looking for different ways to celebrate the festive occasion.

"There is nothing stopping the creation of an Easter hunt around your house or garden or immersing the kids in some creative Easter chocolate treat making.

"You could save the foil egg wrappings and use them for a craft activity or bring back the Easter hat parade. The kids will love it.

"Not surprisingly the iconic Easter egg and chocolate bunny remain among best-selling Easter chocolate products. There are also a variety of new products to choose from this Easter.

"And as always at Easter 'Be treatwise' and enjoy the time to celebrate and relax with your family," Mr Piper said.

About Be treatwise

Be treatwise® is an industry initiative to provide consumers with information to help explain the place of confectionery, as a treat food, that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle. The Be treatwise® symbol is a visual cue on the front of confectionery packs to remind consumers that confectionery is a treat. Responsible marketing, together with responsible consumption, is embodied in the Be treatwise® message. This includes from dietary energy intake, to oral health and the importance of being physically active.

For more information: http://www.betreatwise.info/