Federal Budget Proposals For Business


Tax and Income Payment Changes for Business and Individuals
Cost of Living Relief Measures
Business tax measures
Measures to Support Skills Reform
Measures to support Australians Apprenticeships and Traineeship system
Measures to support University Research Commercialisation
Measures to support small business: Skills and Training boost
Measures to support employment
Circular Economy and Waste
Trade related Biosecurity
Industry Development
Infrastructure announcements: roads, rail, and new homes
Digital industry development
Energy and Climate
Defence and defence industry
Support for long-term net migration
Budget balance and Debt
Economic Recovery: excellent recovery to date, government providing further economic support to carry momentum


The federal budget was announced on 29th March 2022 and is relevant for the year 2022-23, Ai Group has provided a media release regarding the budget that can be found here. The following is a release highlighting some of the more relevant issues for our members.

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