Ai Group participated closely in COP26 and observed a wide range of negotiations and side events, as well as contributing to statements and position papers on behalf of global business. Links to notes and documents are listed below.

Side events: Sectors

Business engagement and action on the Paris Agreement for a sustainable resilient recovery (convened by the Major Economies Business Forum)

Decarbonising Transport: Driving Implementation Actions and Turning Targets into a Transformation (convened by the OECD International Transport Forum)

Seizing opportunities for developing countries in providing zero carbon fuels to global shipping (convened by the International Maritime Organization)

Transform to Net Zero: Accelerating Non-Party Stakeholder Action to 1.5C (convened by the World Economic Forum)


Side events: national approaches

Carbon Markets and Green Hydrogen in Chile – synergies to reach decarbonization (convened by the International Emissions Trading Association)

How Japan will achieve carbon neutrality and ease transition in the Asian region (convened by METI, Japan)


Side events: technologies

Actions for Clean Energy, Clean Materials & Energy Efficiency to Advance Ambitions & Solutions (convened by IEEE)

Building a Better Battery (convened by US Government)

Carbon capture, utilization and storage in industry: global state of play (convened by IEA GHG)


Side events: policies

Article 6 – what it is, why it matters, where it’s at (convened by Belfer Center at Harvard University)

Establishing a regional carbon bubble in the Indo-Pacific (convened by the Australian Climate Change Authority)

Further, Faster, Together: State-Federal Partnership (convened by US Government)

How will the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism impact trade? (convened by Turkey)


Side events: science

1.5C: where are we now, where are we headed, what are the risks? (convened by the UK Met Office)

Keeping 1.5C alive: how do we pull back from the brink? (convened by Climate Analytics and WWF)



Ai Group on the Glasgow outcome



Border Adjustments for Carbon: perspectives from global business (BizMEF)

Transparency Processes and Business: the Global Stocktake & National Reports (BizMEF)

Perspectives: Launching a Resilient Sustainable Recovery Towards Global Net Zero (BizMEF)



SBI opening plenary 1 November 2021

Article 6 – SBSTA contact group 1 November 2021

Article 6 – SBSTA informal consultations 4 November 2021

Article 6 – SBSTA informal consultations 5 November 2021

Article 6 and other matters – SBSTA closing plenary 7 November 2021

Stocktaking plenary 10 November 2021

Stocktaking plenary 11 November 2021

Stocktaking plenary 12 November 2021

Stocktaking plenary 13 November 2021 (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 as thread breaks)

COP26 closing plenary 14 November 2021



What on Earth, ep 7: Glasgow and the Globe



Read Tennant Reed's Blog post providing a full summary of the most important outcomes from COP26


Tennant Reed

Tennant is Principal National Adviser – Public Policy at Ai Group. He has worked heavily on climate and energy issues, advising Ai Group’s Leaders’ Group on Energy and Climate Policy and developing reports on natural gas supply, energy prices and energy efficiency. Previously he was an adviser in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, working on fiscal policy, stimulus and infrastructure.