European countries are using a range of different approaches to proof of vaccination for accessing venues and work.

Members may be interested in this summary of European COVID restrictions and the application of a Green Pass from our colleagues at CEEMET, the European Tech and Industry Employers association.

The European Covid Digital Certificate (EUDCC) sometimes known as a Green Pass, is a paper document or app that proves the holder has been fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID. It grants them access to indoor restaurants, bars, cafes and other indoor venues and is used as proof of vaccination to access workplaces in some countries.

Some countries are using their own apps or paper documentation created before the existence of the EUDCC. Other countries are happy to use the EUDCC as the vaccination data is already present and available, streamlining the process.

FIND OUT MORE: Green Pass and Working Places (CEEMET, 7 October 2021)


What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

An EU Digital COVID Certificate is a digital proof that a person has either: