The Commonwealth Government announced on 3 May 2024 that it would expand eligibility for incentives through the New Energy Apprenticeships Program to a broader range of trades from 1 June 2024.

New Energy apprenticeships provide support payments to eligible apprentices of up to $10,000 over the course of the apprenticeship. Apprentices work in activities such as:

  • designing, developing, constructing and operating the infrastructure for generating, storing, transmitting and distributing energy from renewable, zero or low emissions energy sources
  • reducing or managing energy use in residential, commercial or industrial properties
  • installing and maintaining technology that uses clean energy power.

The changes will help assist more apprentices and trainees skilling-up in sectors with exposure to clean energy – like housing construction, automotive and advanced manufacturing – and remove a requirement that an apprentice’s work be solely dedicated to clean energy, whilst retaining a clean energy skilling purpose for the apprenticeship.

New Energy occupations are identified on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List.

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