Digital transformation provides businesses with an incredible amount of data which presents opportunities to better collaborate with their supply chain. In order to maximise the potential of the data, leaders are required to adopt boundary-spanning mindsets that build trust across organizational boundaries.

In order to build this capability in managers Harvard Business Review recommends:

  1. Identify collaboration opportunities
    Encourage managers to constantly test new technologies and prototypes – particularly in collaboration with other digitally savvy organisations.
  2. Create KPIs that reflect the gains from collaboration
    As work changes with digital transformation, it is important that performance is measured across the gamut of new activity generated by digitalisation.
  3. Develop responsive contracts
    Digitally-augmented workplaces can become more flexible and responsive to changing market landscapes. New smart contracting tools should be considered as a means to incentivise and respond to changing demands in the supply chain and help businesses better serve the needs of the marketplace.

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