Victorian companies are now recruiting for apprentices who will combine a standard electrical apprenticeship with a degree in electrical engineering.

The program will develop highly skilled electrical engineers who will learn to design and troubleshoot complex electrical and electronic equipment. At the same time these apprentices will learn the trade skills to install, maintain and commission that equipment. Graduates will be eligible to apply for an A Grade electrical licence after four years into the program. The full program will take six years to complete.

Ai Group has worked closely with NHP Electrical Engineering Products and our education providers to design the program to meet industry needs. The degree component will be delivered by Federation University at its Berwick campus and the trade component will be delivered by NECA Education and Careers at its Dandenong campus. NECA is the leading training provider for electrical apprentices in Victoria.

An active marketing campaign over the past few months has provided good numbers of potential candidates who have registered their interest in participating. Federation University is currently checking their eligibility for employment and their academic ability to successfully complete the degree.

If you are interested in finding out more about the program or are interested in recruiting one of the candidates, contact Ross Kelly at

A similar program is under development in Queensland, with recruitment expected to begin in the middle of the year. For more details about Queensland contact Rosemary Potter at