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Employment contracts can be important documents not just for executive level employees but also an employer's award and agreement covered employees. A well drafted contract of employment can be used not only to establish the important mutual expectations that arise at the commencment of the employment relationship, but also create practical flexibilities about how the relationship might evolve and change over time, or the reasonable expectations and obligations which an employer can place on their employee once the employment relationship has concluded.

It is important to also consider the way in which your contracts of employment intersect with the minimum obligations in legislation such as the National Employment Standards (NES) of the Fair Work Act 2009, modern awards and enterprise agreements, and existing Company policies and procedures.

Ai Group's incorporated legal practice, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers regularly advise employers on all aspects of drafting and enforcing employment contracts from:

  • Drafting appropriate and enforceable employment agreements
  • Updating existing employment agreements to ensure they remain current and enforceable
  • Providing advice on remuneration and benefits, including effective off-setting provisions and enforceable deduction provisions
  • Helping you manage the termination process and ensure that post-employment obligations (such as confidentiality and post-employment restraints) are honoured.