Ai Group is committed to the technology industry through targeted membership services that incorporate practical information, advice and assistance to help members run their businesses more effectively.

Ai Group's policy leadership ensures members have a voice at all levels of government, by representing and promoting their interests on current and emerging issues.

We work with governments, collaborate with industry, and educate the community to value and support the contribution that high technology products and services make to Australia's economic growth and productivity. Ai Group industry networks help members build businesses opportunities by connecting with companies within and outside of the sector.

Ai Group provides ongoing support to the industry through direct member engagement in various forums which advise Ai Group on strategic issues for the broader technology industry and related sectors.

Ai Group holds events which cover topical issues for industry relating to digital technologies and services including equipment, hardware, software, internet services and telecommunications. Associated with this, Ai Group also convenes meetings with member companies with an interest in digital policy and technical issues as required.

Ai Group manages a Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances (CEHA) Advocacy and Technical Group which tackles major industry issues affecting suppliers of consumer electronics, home appliances, antenna and reception equipment, equipment vendors, and testing companies.

Ai Group also runs a Member Reference Group (MRG) as a free member service in Electrical Manufacturing, which covers Hardware and Equipment suppliers. 

Participation in these various technology forums offers members:

  • Access to the latest information on policy, standards and technology development.
  • The ability to contribute to Ai Group's position on policy, regulatory and standards issues.
  • Direct engagement with senior industry and Government speakers.
  • Networking opportunities with companies within and outside of the technology sector.

Submissions and Reports

Ai Group actively represents technology sector members' interests on policy issues.

Click here to see the latest submissions, reports and presentations.

Contact us

Tennant Reed
Principal Advisor - National Public Policy
Phone: (03) 9867 0145

James Thomson
Senior Adviser – Standards and Regulation
Phone: (02) 4925 8313

Charles Hoang 
Adviser - Public Policy (Digital Technologies and Consumer Electronics)
Phone: (02) 9466 5462