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At Ai Group, we have the expertise to deliver practical and effective HR services to support your organisation.

Our highly skilled HR specialists, working closely with our Workplace Relations, Workforce Development and Safety experts, can provide a suite of solutions to drive best practice within a compliant framework.

In addition to our extensive online resources, whether you require additional HR support to assist your HR team or an HR specialist to review or implement HR practices, processes and policies, we can offer a variety of tailored HR services to meet your and your organisations needs and help you to achieve higher levels of business effectiveness.

HR Services at Ai Group

HR consulting services include:

  • Policy Review - Review key compliance and best practice HR policies, and draft appropriate policies aligned to your organisation’s needs
  • Recruitment Policy and Procedures Review - Review the effectiveness of your organisations recruitment procedures, including drafting pre-recruitment processes, shortlisting and interview practices, and raising awareness of EEO compliance considerations
  • Onboarding / Induction Processes Review - Review induction processes and practices, including recommendations for improvement or amendments, and advise on customising any relevant templates to your organisation’s needs
  • Developing a high-performance workforce - Review of goal setting, performance management and improvement systems and tools, and provide recommendations around best practice, including drafting templates and processes
  • Strategic HR Audit - Review the effectiveness of HR policies, practices and procedures, and whether these are meeting the strategic objectives of your organisation
  • Managing a Mature Age Workforce - Understand mature age workforce issues relevant to your organisation and explore possible strategies for your workplace, for example, create a Mature Age Workforce Action Plan or deliver a workshop raising awareness with the broader management team in understanding the organisations mature age workforce issues, where strategies to address these issues are explored and discussed

Key Contacts

Catherine Dawson
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Workplace Advice Line
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