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Over the last several years, much has been discussed about automation and the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' more broadly. However, where automation exists between business processes and systems, the latest ABS statistics suggest there has been low adoption. For example, approximately 60% of businesses do not have automated links between their business systems.

This represents a significant untapped opportunity for investment into systems and processes to enhance operations and generate enduring value through new IP.

We are on the cusp of the next societal shift in human behaviour. On a global scale, businesses, teams and individuals are more connected than ever before. What does the future hold for Australian companies? How can we embrace this change and empower our teams to achieve both personal and business success?

In this live and interactive online event, we will be joined by digital transformation expert, Jeremy Biggs, CEO of Karroo Australia, to share practical tips including:

  • how to build enduring value by empowering your team through technology automation;
  • the role of data in business value; and
  • how unique IP can help your business become more competitive in a global economy.