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If a recruitment consultant or firm was elected to assist in identifying suitable candidates, then they should have already provided a list of suitable shortlisted candidates for interview and/or assessment.  However, if the recruitment process has been undertaken internally, applications will need to be reviewed and a shortlist of suitable candidates created.

The shortlist will normally be determined by applying the selection criteria as established at Selection stage 1 – setting the selection criteria and strategy.  This should be done by matching the information provided by the applicant to the specified criteria.

Ideally, the process of shortlisting candidates should be undertaken by the selection panel, or a sub-group identified from the selection panel.

Creating the 'long-list'
Creating the ‘shortlist’ 
Steps to shortlisting
Reviewing applications for shortlisting
How to pick the winners 
Scoring candidates
Shortlisted applicants
No suitable applicants shortlisted
Obtaining additional information 
Contacting the applicants

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