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 Sydney, NSW | VIC | QLD

Dessirae Luther-Sproule runs her own Food Technology Consulting business which focuses on developing new food products, controlling food quality and safety and improving production efficiencies and costs.

Dessirae started her business over 25 years ago and during this time has developed a multitude of food and beverage products, and assisted food companies to get their products to market faster. From developing award-winning Ice Teas to reducing production downtime by 80%, Dessirae has assisted food companies increase market share, improve production efficiencies and reduce product costs.

Dessirae is skilled at working “hands on” with SME companies to trouble shoot a situation and come up with practical solutions.


Key areas of skill & expertise

Productivity Improvement Process Improvement and Lean Environmental & Energy Management

Case Studies

A noodle making company asked Dessirae to upgrade their quality system to a GSFI standard. On the first visit it became obvious that the quality system was the least of their problems. The garbage bins were overflowing with reject packaging, the packaging machine was constantly breaking down, the customer complaints for staling had dramatically increased and the noodle quality was variable. After some investigation it was found that the packaging machine was not set up properly and none of the staff knew how to use it. There was no set mixing procedure for noodle making and the antioxidant had been removed from the frying oil. After training and setting up a maintenance program and adding the antioxidant back into the oil there was a 50% reduction in waste material, 75% reduction in down time and 80% reduction in customer complaints. The project took about 20 days of fee for service work to complete.

A large QSR asked Dessirae for assistance to simplify and speed up the process of introduction of new products into their stores. This involved changing the product implementation process to streamline the steps involved in product presentation and product signoff. This was done by having a presentation day where all new products were reviewed and signed off in one day. Dessirae also set up close working relationships with suppliers and guided them through the steps required by the QSR. This meant that the turnaround time for a new product launch was reduced by 50%. This process took about 30 days over a six-month timeframe of fee for service work to complete.

A snack food company came to Dessirae to develop a range of healthy snacks. The product had to be low sugar, low salt, a source of protein, a good source of fibre, a source of Omega 3, Vegan suitable, Gluten Free, have a 5-star health rating, contain no preservatives or colours and use only natural flavours. Dessirae manipulated the formulation using her database, to obtain the required nutritional profile. To meet the company’s principles the product was to have minimal processing, but low water activity was also required to achieve shelf stability. This was achieved using certain ingredients and packaging. The company required a format of the snack food range not common to the snack industry. A suitable co-packer was sourced to achieve the desired format. This process took about 12 days spread over a two-month period of fee for service work to complete.

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