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PM asked about Ai Group’s comments on more job support for school-leavers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison responds to Ai Group comments on more job support for school leavers

ABC AM Program Friday 17 July 2020

Sabra Lane: Just on the JobTrainer package yesterday, employers did welcome the wage subsidy program saying it’s good support rather than an incentive and Ai Group’s Innes Willox, says if the economy continues to decline new measures will be required to encourage employers to take on school leavers. Is the government open to that?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Well I am always open to how we are going to do better to create jobs. And this is what I was referring to before. Where there are practical problems that we need to fix we will be there to fix them with the states and territories, and we’ve demonstrated that at every turn Sabra. At every single turn when it comes to creating jobs, supporting people with income support, from those who are beneficiary recipients all the way through to young people coming out of school looking for training places, people in their fifties who are going to have to change jobs; the support we put into the aviation sector, the home building sector, the entertainment sector. I mean we are looking at all the areas where we can get Australia through this and we are having relatively good results compared with developed economies around the world. I mean our economy has not fallen as much as in places like New Zealand for example, who had a much heavier lockdown and have paid a much heavier economic price for that. We have been steering a more middle course on this and that’s been benefiting our economy.

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