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NSW Economic Blueprint presents positive agenda to address formidable economic hurdles

"The first NSW Economic Blueprint released today by the NSW Chief Economist, Stephen Walters, and launched by the NSW Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet, is a comprehensive summary of the State’s formidable economic hurdles and a positive outline of the State's many opportunities," Ai Group NSW Head, Mark Goodsell said today.

"In setting out ambitions for the state’s economy through to 2040, the Blueprint breaks the mould of the decades long attitude towards the state’s economic development which has come from the perspective of being the lucky state in the lucky country.

"The Treasurer should be congratulated on externally commissioning the work away from Macquarie Street. The Chief Economist deserves credit for producing the report and in particularly identifying the many opportunities within the State's grasp. They lie in a range of sectors including the emerging frontiers of advanced manufacturing, agritech, defence, medtech and space as well as our traditional strengths in the industrial sectors, financial services, tourism and education.

"The Blueprint is also honest enough to highlight where NSW needs to improve to take advantage of significant opportunities before us and build on the natural advantages we have as a politically stable, highly educated community within the fastest growing region of the world. These improvements include transport infrastructure to decongest Sydney and connect regions, smart regulation and using the Government's purchasing power as the nation’s biggest single customer to drive innovation in suppliers.

"Ai Group looks forward to continuing working with our members and governments to address the areas needing attention. These include productivity growth, education and training outcomes and skill mismatches, energy prices and policy, regulation reform and digital and cyber capability.

"Our industry members are very keen for us to play a constructive role in progressing these issues, particularly where they need the various levels of government to be linked and aligned. There are political challenges to implementation but as the Blueprint identifies, the economic, community and regional rewards are too great to ignore. Industry will welcome the Blueprint’s sense of purpose and will look forward to this being followed up with intent and action," Mr Goodsell said.

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