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Disappointing win for union thuggery

"Industry is disappointed with the votes of One Nation and Jacquie Lambie on the Ensuring Integrity Bill which would apply equally to union officials and employer group representatives. The final version of the legislation had safeguards built in to ensure that only the worst of behaviour would be sanctioned," Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

"The CFMMEU will no doubt be emboldened by the defeat of the Bill in the Senate. The CFMMEU's conduct displays blatant contempt for the laws already passed by Parliament. No organisation can be allowed to adopt a business model of law-breaking and to treat the fines imposed by Courts as just the cost of doing business. In the end, it is the community - ordinary taxpayers - which bears the costs of union behaviour because of increased costs of construction.

"Parliament needed to act to address the strong concerns expressed by a long line of respected judges who had expressed dismay at the conduct of the CFMMEU. For this reason, we would strongly encourage the Government to reintroduce the Bill into Parliament without delay and to redouble its efforts to secure support for the passage of the Bill," Mr Willox said.

Innes Willox speaks to ABC Radio AM, 29 November

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