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FWC extends COVID-19 schedule in the Clerks Award

"The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) welcomes today's decision of a Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission to extend the operation of core elements of the COVID-19 schedule in the Clerks Award until the end of September, despite strong opposition from the unions. Trying to reintroduce unnecessary rigidities into the workplace makes no economic or employment sense at this time," Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the national employer association Ai Group said today.

"Today's hearing related to an application by Ai Group and ACCI to extend the period of operation of the schedule which was inserted into the Award in March. The schedule was set to expire today (30 June). Everyone knows that a large proportion of employees are currently working from home. Therefore, the unions refusal to agree to an extension in provisions which allow day workers to work their ordinary hours early in the morning or at night, with the agreement of their employer, was not reasonable. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and the schedule has been extended by the Commission until the end of September, with some amendments," Mr Willox said.

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