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Baird legacy will be strong in many ways

"Mike Baird should be congratulated on a career of significant achievement, despite the relatively brief time he spent as Premier and indeed in Parliament," Ai Group NSW Director, Mark Goodsell said today.

"The NSW community and economy will benefit for decades to come from decisions initiated under his leadership, particularly the building blocks of 21st century transport infrastructure.

"The delivery of budget stability underpins the capacity to deliver important initiatives that strengthen our community.

"Building on the work started by his predecessor Barry O'Farrell, Mr Baird has steered the State to recover its economic mojo, revitalised a professional and outward-looking public sector and instilled customer focus in public policy.

"On a personal level, Mike Baird brought a humility and decency to his political roles. In recent years the same characteristics have been noticeable in our dealings with government more broadly in NSW, reflecting the importance of leadership culture even in a vast organisation such as the NSW Government.

"Mr Baird's resignation represents a real loss for the State. However, given the current global disillusionment with the relationship between the political class and electorates, the Premier should be praised for affirming the need for political leaders to have an investment in outcomes rather than mere longevity.

"Hopefully this is a reassertion of policy-driven government rather than poll-driven policy," Mr Goodsell said.

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