The South Australian Government’s policy and spending prioritises over the next 12-months are critical to South Australia’s success.

In the wake of the announcement of the largest single investment into South Australia’s economy – the AUKUS submarine agreement – our State is on the brink of writing an exciting new chapter in its history. What we do next matters.

South Australia has emerged strongly from the most severe impacts of COVID and while business confidence remains high, this is not a time for complacency. The environment in which employers operate is volatile, uncertain and highly vulnerable to external pressures.

From fears of a looming recession to rising inflation, skills and labour shortages, major industrial relations shifts, soaring energy costs and geopolitical and technological changes that are reshaping South Australia’s trade and business relationships with the world, employers are facing a delicate balancing act.

The chequered history of submarine project announcements has led to an understandable degree of cynicism among local industry and it will be incumbent on governments to alleviate concerns and provide clear timelines to maximise participation and take full advantage of this historic opportunity.

Ensuring Government programs and spending create environments that help businesses – across multiple industries – operate sustainably and competitively to provide goods and services, generate wealth and create rewarding work opportunities will not only benefit South Australian employers, but the entire community.

This paper sets out how higher living standards in SA can be achieved under five key headings:

1. Growing South Australia’s population
2. Creating a skilled future workforce
3. Increasing global connectivity
4. Empowering industry and strengthening supply chains
5. Creating fair business environments

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