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In this first episode of 2024, James speaks with Ai Group's Director of Research and Economics, Jeff Wilson.

In a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation, James and Jeff talk through the lessons from last year and the current economic trends framing the year ahead.

They then discuss the findings of the recently released report, Australian Industry Outlook 2024. This annual report is an analysis and summary of the opinions of what is ahead in 2024 according to 300 business leaders in Australia.

The official release of the report says: "After three years of pandemic-induced disruptions and volatility, Australian industry enjoyed much more stable conditions in 2023. But as business leaders look out into the new year, they have real worries about uncertainty and stagnation in 2024."

This year, more than 300 senior leaders from across Australia responded to our 11th annual Industry Expectations Survey.

The report, released on 22 January, is a must-read resource to understand how business leaders plan to tackle the opportunities and challenges facing the Australian economy. It provides critical insights into how they anticipate the coming year will evolve. 

Industry leaders go into 2024 with significantly more caution and concern than 2023. They have identified uncertainty, ongoing cost pressures, labour shortages and weakening demand as the key challenges for the coming year.

It’s a fascinating report full of insights, and Jeff and James walk us through the key learnings. It's an episode that will help listeners prepare their business for the year ahead.

Click here to find out more about the various reports from Jeff’s team and to register to the webinar.

James Scotland

After a long career in multiple aspects of supply chain management, corporate training and business advisory, James brings a business improvement mindset to his role as General Manager of Minerals, Energy & Supply Chain Resilience for Ai Group.

A skilled communicator and analyst, James has been involved with Oil & Gas, the mining industry and supply chain across the board for over 25 years.