Ai Group released a suite of policy proposals ahead of the 2022 Federal Election. Together, they present a policy agenda aimed at raising the living standards of Australians and addressing the slowdown in real incomes growth of recent years. Businesses have a critical role in achieving these national objectives by investing; creating jobs; introducing new goods and services; and developing and adopting new technologies and processes.

The policy proposals, which we encourage the new Government to support, cover Workplace Relations; Skills, Education and Training; Climate and Energy; Waste and the Circular Economy; Industry Development; and Taxation.

Election Policy Tracker – Labor’s election policies that will impact business

With federal Labor securing majority government we have updated our policy tracker to focus on the policies Labor intends to deliver in government and which impact Ai Group members and the business community.

The Senate result is likely to mean that for Labor to pass legislation opposed by the Coalition it will need the support of the Australian Greens and at least one cross-bench senator. The policy tracker includes policies supported by the Greens and ‘teal’ independents which could be influential in the Senate and potentially the house at some point in the future.

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Ai Group’s Pre-Election Policy Papers