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HR and IR

The mature age workforce is growing and only set to increase further. Managers need to adapt in order to optimise the benefits these workers can bring to your business.

In one-hour session we focus not only on the benefits of older workers, but also on managing the risks in respect of your older employees.

We untangle the facts about older workers from the fiction. HR strategies consistent with theories of workplace performance, along with case examples from our members, are provided for you to consider in the context of the issues facing your business.



In this one-hour session, we will cover some of the most important industrial relations cases that ended 2016 and identify the implications of these decisions for your business in 2017.



Are you a business that undertakes building work and wishes to tender for Federal Government projects?

If so, you need to familiarise yourself with new legislation and a new Building Code that applies directly to you.



Communications technologies have brought tremendous benefits to the modern workplace – but along with the advantages have come a whole new range of challenges for employers.

Getting the answers wrong can compromise your ability to manage effectively, and can bring serious risks of legal claims against the company – not to mention brand and reputational damage.



Companies often perceive enterprise bargaining as a mechanism for employees to improve their entitlements and conditions, with little in it for employers. But if planned and executed correctly, enterprise bargaining can revitalise your business, laying the groundwork for operational success over the term of the Agreement and beyond.



Each year, approximately 17,000 unfair dismissal claims are made against employers. Of those that are successful, a significant number arise due to an employer's poor performance management practices and processes.

In this one-hour live interactive webinar, we'll highlight some of the most conventional mistakes made by employers in the area of performance management and misconduct.



Change is always inevitable and necessary for businesses to thrive. But right now, difficult economic conditions and a challenging external market are adding urgency to the restructuring plans of many businesses.

Any program of change comes with risk and obstacles, and in this live interactive online event we'll highlight the Top Five Employment Pitfalls in Change and Restructure - and offer strategies to eliminate your risk. Presented by Michael Mead and Damien Marshall, two of Ai Group's senior legal experts on the subject.



More than 12,000 Australian employers required to report each year to The Workplace Gender Equality Agency, about certain matters relating to their workforce.

The online event is hosted by Ai Group's National Training Manager, Workplace Relations and workplace diversity specialist, Emma Howden, with presenters Sharon Parfait, Senior Advisor at WGEA, and Nicola Street, National Manager - Workplace Relations Policy, Ai Group.



Unfair dismissal and General Protections accounted for nearly 18,000 cases brought before the Fair Work Commission last year. No business can afford to be complacent when it comes to the management of terminations and general protections in the workplace.

Find out how recent decisions have changed the landscape for employers and learn how you need to prepare your business to reduce risk.



2015 has been a big year in workplace relations - and with the Fair Work debate set to loom large in the lead-up to a Federal election, 2016 promises to be a year of even more important change.

Particularly crucial to business will be the progression of a number of important test cases currently underway at the Fair Work Commission (FWC) - cases set to have significant implications for the way your company does its business and manages its workforce.



Appearing before the Fair Work Commission can be daunting. Usually, as the employer you have not initiated the proceedings but you are forced to respond to allegations made against you often by a hostile Union advocate or lawyer who is claiming that the company has acted unfairly or inappropriately in some way.

In this one hour session, two of Ai group's most experience advocates will offer you some practical advice about managing all of these matters and offer you advice as to how you might best prepare for participation in Commission proceedings.



Recent studies have shown that people who take the drug Ice (Methamphetamine) are more likely to be in the paid workforce. And work in construction, transport or hospitality.

Find out what impact the 'Ice epidemic' is having on your workplace and what your obligations are as an employer to ensure your employees are safe and receive the support they need. Discover how to identify Ice users and what your options are for drug and alcohol testing in your business.

Join Ai Group Workplace Relations Manager Nicola Street and Jason Thomas, Operations Manager from The Drug Detection Agency NSW, as they discuss the effects of Ice in the workplace and some of the resources that are available to root out the problem.



More than 70% of all workplace bullying claims in the Fair Work Commission allege unreasonable behaviour by a manager.

With statistics like that, it's not surprising our members are increasingly telling us their managers are reluctant to address performance issues for fear of having a bullying complaint made against them.

Learn from the best in the business on what is considered as 'bullying' behaviour by managers.



We've all heard stories of office Christmas parties where it has all gone terribly wrong... From intimate moments in hotel rooms to a drunken grab by the office creep, what is the employer's responsibility when it comes to work functions? Are there workers' compensation implications to consider? And how can you minimise the risk to your business?

Two of Ai Group's most experienced legal practitioners will share insights.



In this online event we discuss in detail all about what employers need to know to manage the delicate and often difficult process of redundancy management, and unfair dismissal claims.

When poor redundancy processes create ongoing industrial unrest and disputation (and strategies which might assist in ensuring that a difficult situation is managed effectively for future industrial relationships).

Two of Ai Group's most senior legal experts, and Former Fair Work Commissioner Greg Harrison, examine real life case studies of redundancy gone wrong - and outline the key processes and practices that will help you avoid the same mistakes.




Ai Group’s free online events are back for 2017 – and we’re kicking off with some essential viewing for anybody wishing to nail down their business plans for 2017.

In our popular online format, Ai Group Chief Economist Julie Toth takes us through the outlook for Australia's economy, business environment and business plans in 2017.



What pressures are businesses facing from the changing local and global economic landscape? And what is the outlook for the dollar - a major influence on exporters and import-competing businesses?

HSBC Chief Economist, Paul Bloxham, will provide his take on Australia's economic direction and influences.Paul is be joined by Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, who works with businesses across the economy every day and gives his impression of what is happening at a company level.



In an increasingly competitive global environment knowledge is power! This live and interactive online event offers insights into what to look out for in Australia and globally during this financial year.

This is a rare opportunity to hear from two of the country's leading economists and find out what the major consequences for your business will be and what to watch out for over the next 6 months.

Join Ai Group Chief Economist, Julie Toth and Warren Hogan, Chief Economist from ANZ Bank as they explore the outlook for the Australian dollar and how it could impact you and your business



The dollar's down - unemployment is rising - energy is expensive - oil is cheap - interest rates remain low - but what does it all mean for your business in 2015?

In this online event two of the top economists in the country will talk you through what's in store for our economy in 2015. The Chief Economists of both Ai Group and HSBC Bank, Julie Toth and Paul Bloxham respectively, provide expert opinions and insights on what to expect in 2015.



International Trade

As markets such as Iran re-open to global trade and emerging markets offer opportunities for ‘first-mover’ advantage, the potential for high rewards can be offset by higher risks to people, product and corporate reputations.

In this Ai Group Online Event, our National Manager – Business and International Advisory Services, Louise McGrath, will help you to better understand how to manage the risks these issues present.

Louise will be joined by geo-political security specialist Dr Jason Thomas, Director at Frontier Assessments Pty Ltd, who will discuss how to establish the stable community and political relationships you need to protect your project’s commercial value in its target market.



If you're doing business in some of Australia's leading export markets, chances are you'll encounter inducements to offer bribes to relevant public sector agencies.

With the findings of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption recently handed down locally, what could the implications be for your business?



Whether you are doing business with China today or not, the Free Trade Agreement will bring China to your doorstep.

A culturally diverse country, China has some business practices that might not be in your normal box of tricks.

Enhance your "Guanxi": Did you know that it is acceptable to send gifts to improve your business relationship? The concept of saving face (mianzi) is taken very seriously - how can it affect your business meeting? Why should you avoid the colour white?



The new free trade agreement with Japan opens up many opportunities for Australian companies, but if you don't know the "Japanese way" it can be difficult to turn opportunity into results.

"I am Japanese; Let me show you the Japanese way"

In this insightful online event we talk to Takeo Kamada, CEO of Kamada Foods, Akiko Shimizu-Alexander, International Business Development Specialist and Daniel O'Toole, Trade and Investment Adviser with Jetro about the ins and outs of trading with Japan.



If you're gearing up to succeed in China, you don't want to miss this online event.

We discuss both the positive and negative consequences of ChAFTA for some businesses, and how you can best prepare.

Australian Trade Commissioner in Beijing, David Dukes, joins us to give you an on-the-ground perspective on what it takes to succeed in China - and where the FTA willmake a difference. We also talk to Howard Fox, Managing Director of Wellness Origins about his successful entry into China with Emu Oil based products.




No manufacturing technology has caught the public's imagination like 3D printing - but is its impact on industry and innovation matching the hype?

Globally, the 3D printing industry was worth US$4.1 billion last year - growing 35% on the previous year - and is forecast to swell to more than $20 billion by the end of the decade.

So how can your manufacturing business benefit from this fast-evolving technology?



Intelligent ink, 3D printing and the internet of things are no longer the fanciful play-things of innovators at technology's fringe - they now represent a technology revolution that is changing the shape of Manufacturing.

We speak to John Pollaers about the imperatives of adopting cutting-edge technologies in manufacturing in order to play at the elite level. John recently visited Hannover fair and the UK catapults and will share some of his experience and Australian success stories. We also talk about the keys to accessing global value chains and how you can work with global supply chains to grow your business beyond borders.



At a time of endless innovation and disruption, with so many challenges for business leaders, are you ready to take your enterprise to the next level?

As evidenced by the decline of manufacturing in Australia, businesses can't afford to be complacent in an age of Globalisation.

In this live and interactive online event, you will be inspired by companies just like yours as they recount the grit and determination they required to reinvent their businesses in this new world.



Leadership and Innovation

Would you like to find out how to generate extraordinary energy and drive in your business?

In this online event we will be looking at the ways you can bring about a high energy and productive culture within your business, that will literally transform the way you operate.

Leveraging world-famous business thinker Lynda Gratton's 'Hotspots' for productivity model, we will look at four ways you can build passion at an individual level to create a sustainable, high performing organisational culture.



What does the future of manufacturing look like?

Professor Goran Roos is the manufacturing sector's most respected global expert in Business Model Innovation. And in this online event, he offers unique insights into the secrets of implementing new business models and how you can add services to your current offerings in the most commercially rewarding ways.

Aside from his vision of the future of manufacturing, Professor Roos will also help you understand the importance of economic complexity and agility in the manufacturing sector and provides insights into Australia's position in the global field.



This wide-ranging and interactive discussion will consider: the social and demographic realities about to transform the world of work; and the impact of digital disruption, global connectivity and artificial intelligence on productivity in your industry.