Tradeswomen Australia Group is a non-profit organisation working to increase the representation of women in skilled trade roles to more than the current 2%. The organisation encourages young women at school to explore the trades, helps job seekers find an apprenticeship, and connects and mentors tradeswomen. It supports employers through vacancy listings on a jobs board, by promoting job opportunities on social channels, and through training and other support services for workplaces.

Tradeswomen Australia recognises the challenge in retaining tradeswomen and runs the Workplace Diversity Project which helps to create a workplace culture and environment where all staff members feel accepted, supported, and included. Through the Workplace Diversity Project, a company’s supervisors have the chance to become diversity and inclusion leaders, equipped to improve the overall culture and environment of the  workplace through diversity and inclusion initiatives. A dedicated project team provides universal, end-to-end solutions for individual businesses, working with HR teams to develop robust policies and procedures, as well as offer one on one mentoring with frontline leaders to become diversity and inclusion champions through training and resource access.

By becoming essential workplace champions, employers across all industries can help to break down barriers and increase representation of women in skilled trade roles.

Contact Tradeswomen Australia to discuss how your business can get involved and be supported.

In Victoria, members can also make use of the Women in STEM apprenticeships program, which is placing women into apprenticeships and traineeships in engineering trades and in IT and Industry 4.0/digitisation roles. For more information on this program contact